hip becomes the first European location for BioLabs

Start-ups from the life science sector will get the best starting conditions at the Heidelberg Innovation Park (hip). BioLabs, a US company, has chosen Heidelberg as its first European location for its special incubator.

With an official groundbreaking event, representatives from politics, research, business and the BioLabs team celebrated the upcoming start of an incubator in the Heidelberg Innovation Park (hip). Heidelberg will be the first European location of the US operator of a network of co-working laboratories and offices.
BioRN, the life science cluster of the Rhine-Neckar region, was responsible for the conception and start-up phase of the facility. After its launch, BioLabs Heidelberg will offer young start-ups from the life sciences a perfectly managed environment in which they can grow quickly. For the newly founded companies, BioLabs takes on what normally costs a lot of time and sometimes even causes young companies to fail: finding premises and equipping laboratories. The start-ups at BioLabs Heidelberg receive tailor-made laboratories and office space that can evolve with them. This enables the founders to concentrate fully on the development of their company. Sponsors and experienced consultants from the pharmaceutical and life science industries advise the start-ups. With this concept, BioLabs is aimed at international start-ups as well as founders who are planning the commercial implementation of their research originating from the university and Heidelberg research institutions.

(Photo: Dittmer)

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