EuroSTEMPeers 2024

EuroSTEMPeers is the European chapter of the global non-profit organization STEMPeers which aims to connect early-stage STEM researchers to seek collaborations and guidance for transitioning into industrial, academic, and entrepreneurial roles. They have successfully hosted three in-person conferences (Brno 2018, Berlin 2019, Heidelberg 2023) and two virtual conferences in 2020 and 2021.
This year they are excited to host EuroSTEMPeers 2024 with their co-organizers BioLabs on the Heidelberg Innovation Park. Besides the career transition stories that they will dwell upon, EuroSTEMPeers 2024 will also focus on other highly relevant topics such as pharma innovation, recruitment situation in life sciences field, upskilling, mid-career growth, negotiations as a key skill, design thinking on career options, and discussing key issues like mental health. Check out: STEMPeers

EuroSTEMPeers thanks their partners for enabling them to bring the community together.

Registration link:

1284 525 hip - Heidelberg Innovation Park