How smart is the food industry?

How smart is the food industry?

It’s a match! More than 70 participants attended the information and matchmaking event on May 7, 2024 and discussed the use of key technologies such as artificial intelligence in the food industry at the BDC.

The following insights and experiences on smart applications at the interface between the food sector and smart industries were shared during the event

Christoph Kutzner, founder and managing director of Badische Peptide & Proteine GmbH, reported on the use of AI (in this case deep learning) in the development of new valuable materials for food. The project he presented makes it possible to simplify complex and extremely time-consuming processes and thus achieve an economic balance between costs and benefits.

Alexander Rück from software service provider osapiens GmbH presented software solutions for new reporting obligations arising from the EU Sustainability Directive. The software is designed to minimize personnel costs and simplify reporting.

Finally, Amador Miano from Replique GmbH demonstrated the possibilities that 3D printing offers for food technology: the products are on-demand, customized and food-safe, said Miano in his presentation. Machine and system parts from the 3D printer enable demand-based and therefore sustainable production.

The event was organized by the RegioClusterAgency of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the Smart Industries network.

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